Vegetable Wash Manufacturers in India – Global Vegetable Wash Market size is projected to be valued at USD 300 Million by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.8% between 2020 and 2026. If you are thinking of investing in Vegetable Wash then this is the best option in today’s time as due to the COVID-19 outbreak people are adopting proper hygiene and this has led to the growth of the vegetable wash market. Pharma third party manufacturers can help you by proving the best list of Vegetable Wash Manufacturers in India.

The demand for vegetable wash is increasing with the rise in awareness of its health benefits. Vegetables are the basic ingredients used for cooking at home. Vegetable cleaners are used as disinfectants that free vegetables and fruits from germs and bacteria. The growing demand for improved food quality is attributed to boosting the fruit and vegetable cleaners market growth in the upcoming period. Read the blog for the best Vegetable Wash Manufacturing companies in India

Vegetable Wash market Growth Opportunities in the Market?

  • High Availability of Vegetable liquid and sprays: Increase in product availability in the form of Vegetable wash liquid and sprays by various manufacturers is dominating the market. Liquids and sprays are easy to use as compared to wipes. Therefore, the maximum number of manufacturers prefer these packaging formats for fruit and vegetable cleaners.
  • Dominance of Store-Based Distribution Channels: The majority of fruits and vegetable washes are sold through vendors. The store-based segment is further anticipated to remain dominant during the forecast period. Additionally, amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, the usage of vegetable washes is expected to grow for the next couple of years.
  • Social Media Marketing: Various companies are promoting their products, such as vegetable washes, on social media platforms, to create product awareness among consumers. Most Indian households continue to rely on plain running water for cleaning vegetables. But the use of plain water does not disinfect them completely. Fruit and vegetable cleaners provide an effective way of cleaning the fruits and vegetable by removing germs, wax, pesticides, and dirt.

List of Top Vegetable Wash Manufacturers in India

Some of the Top Leading Vegetable Cleansers Manufacturing companies in India are Procter & Gamble Company (US); VEG WASH (India); ITC Limited (India); Marico Limited (India); Dabur (India); Nykaa (India); SHRI VINAYAK GROUP (India); Wipro Consumer Care Private Limited (India); etc. Some other Top Vegetable Wash Manufacturers in India are given below with their proper details:

1. VegWash+:

One of the first products developed by the company is Veg Wash born out of necessity as there was a clear requirement to clean our vegetables and fruits with 100% Natural materials. Veg Wash has been Patented and Registered Trade Mark has been issued for the product. VegWash+ is a solution that removes all surface contaminants from Fruits & Vegetables(F&V), like Dirt and Mud; Germs, Viruses and Bacteria; Pesticides, and Preservatives; Chemicals; Waxes.

Veg Wash has been tested and certified by international laboratories to confirm it completely washes away commonly used pesticides, removes bacteria, and cleans away, dirt and contaminants, without leaving any residue on the product. Their product list includes:

  • VegWash+ 375ML
  • VegWash+ 1 Liter
  • The company VegWash+ 5 Liter

Description includes:

  • Veg Wash Plus is a transparent solution that emulsifies the insoluble resinous/waxy layer, making them water-soluble.
  • It then washes away all unwanted surface contaminants/toxicants and therefore effectively removes surface chemical pesticide residues.
  • This product emulsifies the insoluble resinous/waxy layer, making them water-soluble.
  • VEG WASH then washes away all unwanted surface contaminants/ toxicants.
  • VEG WASH therefore effectively removes surface chemical pesticide residues.
  • It also contains Citric Acid, which effectively removes bacteria from the surface of vegetables and fruits.
  • VEG WASH has been tested and certified by international laboratories to confirm it completely washes away commonly used pesticides, removes bacteria, and cleans away, dirt and contaminants, without leaving any residue on the product.

Contact them – Survey No.279, Hissa No.1, Mann, Hinjewadi Phase 2, Taluka Mulshi, Pune:411057 IN

2. Gracia Life Science:

Gracia Life Science is one of the leading Pharmaceutical foundations which have been built with lots of hard work and dedication. The company manufacture Astizer which is the best Herbal Fruits and Vegetable Wash. Astizer contains Herbal Fruits and Vegetable Wash is a product that is used to clean fruits and vegetables before they are eaten raw or fried. The cleaner removes a wide variety of impurities from the surface of fruits and vegetables. It is the most effective way to remain hygienic and avoid germs and other infectious substances.

This Herbal Fruits and Vegetable Wash contains orange, sweet lime peel, tulsi, nagarmotha, Dhani, coco glucoside, sodium, bicarbonate, and sodium chloride, among other natural extracts. Astizer Herbal Fruits and Vegetables Wash / Sanitizer is 5 in 1 Solution to remove:

  • Germs
  • Bacteria / Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Dirt & Dust
  • Waxes & Perseverance

How To Clean Fruits & Vegetables With This Sanitizer:

  • Take 1 liter of water in any bowl or any utensil which has a wide mouth and mix 10ml of this cleanser
  • After that wash the fruits and vegetables by rubbing individually and rinse through from running water
  • Do this for 1 minute to get clean vegetables and fruits.

Contact them – S.C.O. 867, NAC Manimajra, Near Housing Board Chowk, Chandigarh (UT) 160101

3. Scotbeauty Healthcare:

Scotbeauty Healthcare is the top veggie and fruit wash in India that makes Shudh herbal products under all approved herbs. Depending upon the demand and needs of the Vegetable wash in India, their company is performing with all the WHO recommendations that can help our nation from the spread of the outbreak of Covid-19 with the best vegetable cleaners which is of top quality.

Moreover, all their products are manufacturing under certified plants of ISO, WHO, and GMP; thus, we offer the best vegetable and fruit cleaner and Shudh herbal range of products. The company established in the year 1990. All their products are formulated under strict GMP & ISO 9001:2008 Specifications. All their Quality products ingredients are authentic and are from top principle suppliers are procured so as to enhance the efficacy of their products.

Germscot is the Best vegetable and fruit wash manufacturers in India whose product details include:

  • The company vegetable and fruit wash is a great herbal product by SCOTBEAUTY which helps clean vegetables and fruits.
  • Veggie clean helps to removes pesticides, dust and dirt, chemicals, waxes, and preservatives.
  • This wash has all the herbal ingredients which are totally safe and help you make your eatables safer
  • Veggie clean consists of eucalyptus which contains substances that can kill bacteria and viruses, cedarwood which serves as an all-natural antiseptic and helps combat bacterial and fungal infection, lavender which is use to treat fungal infection, allergies, nausea, etc.

Contact them – Bhabhat Road, Zirakpur, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, 140603


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