Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara – Vadodara; formerly known as Baroda is the third-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, after Ahmedabad and Surat. It is the administrative headquarters of Vadodara District and is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri river, 141 kilometers from the state capital Gandhinagar. Vadodara is the home of many Pharmaceutical Companies. Below given are some of the Top and leading 3rd Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara.

The industrial clusters include Chemicals & fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cotton Textiles, Machine Tools, Glass, Engineering, Tobacco, Fisheries and Dairy. There are over 18,000 small scale industrial units in Vadodara. Of these, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals were highly labor-intensive and created maximum employment opportunities. In the current decade, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals are among the top five investment generating sectors.

List of Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara

Provided for your help is the list of some of the Best and Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara with their registered address and some of the product list.

1. Kaptab Pharmaceuticals:

Kaptab Pharmaceuticals established in the year 1978. With over Three decades of partnering life and stimulating hope, they are one of Western India’s well respected pharmaceutical companies. The company believes that access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Their endeavor is to ensure the availability of best in class, quality medicines. They are committed to working towards a healthier & happier tomorrow. Kaptab is GMP Certified and manufactures pharmaceutical formulations as per the highest norms.

Western India’s premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company Kaptab Pharmaceuticals is a single-point source for all your pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing requirements. Kaptab has over 30 years experience in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals preparations in tablets, Capsules and Dry Syrups forms. Their customers value us for consistent quality, on-time deliveries, well-refined manufacturing procedures, and cost-efficiency. The product list includes:

  • Amoxicillin 250 mg Capsules
  • Amoxicillin 125 mg Dispersible Kid Tablet
  • Cefixime 50 mg Tablets
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetiel 50 mg Tablets
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetiel 50 mg Dry Syrup
  • Metformin 500 mg Sustained-Release Tablets
  • Hyoscine Butyl Bromide 10 mg Film-Coated Tablets
  • Levofloxacin Hemihydrate 500 mg film-coated Tablets
  • Ofloxacin 500 mg and Ornidazole 200 mg film-coated Tablets
  • Chlorphenaramine Maleate 8 mg Sustained-Release Tablets
  • Montelukast Sodium 10 mg and Levocetrizine 5mg Tablets
  • Ondansetron base 4 mg Orally Disintegrating Tablets
  • Paracetamol 500mg, CPM 2mg, Phenylephrine 5mg Tablets, Caffeine 30mg
  • Cyproheptedine 2mg + TriCholine Citrate Syrup
  • Aceclofenac 100 mg + Paracetamol 500 mg Film Coated Tablets
  • Pantaprazole 20 mg, Domperidone 10 mg Entric Coated Tablets

Contact them – BIDC Gorwa Estate, Gorwa, Vadodara, Gujarat 390003

2. Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited (APL):

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited (APL) established in the year 1907. The company today is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India and is Topmost 3rd party pharma manufacturers in Vadodara. With an emphasis on innovation and technology, the company has established a state-of-the-art research facility – Alembic Research Centre (ARC)-including formulation research, and 150-bed bioequivalence facility at Vadodara, Gujarat. Additionally, APL has recently invested in ultra-modern R&D center at Hyderabad.

APL is one of the leading players in the industry to have invested about 11% of its turnover in R&D. The company aims to explore opportunities in therapeutic areas such as Dermatology, Oncology, and Injectable Formulations. At Alembic, quality is the way of life. It is not just about SOPs and the hardware. It is an encompassing culture that is the foundation of all business decisions. In fact, at Alembic, they believe that Guidelines and Pharmacopeia specifications are not the Holy Grail but the bare minimum standards to be maintained. The product list includes:

  • Alembic Specia
  • Cetanil
  • GLZ XR
  • TRIVOGO 0.3/ 1 & 2
  • Gestofit SR
  • Ovigyn DSR
  • Cycloset Syrup
  • Magadol
  • Azithral
  • Vitaresp FX

Contact them – Alembic Road, Vadodara – 390 003, Gujarat, INDIA

3. Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC):

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) established in the year 2007 through a demerger from SUN PHARMA, a global leader in specialty generics. They strive to build an enduring innovation engine built on strong scientific execution, high-value analytics, and aggressive portfolio management. A robust mix of internal ideation and strategic partnering with academic innovators and bio-pharma entrepreneurs fuel our engine with potentially high impact ideas. The company partner with thought-leading clinicians across the world for ideas and access.

Innovation through the integration of partner knowledge and efficient internal execution shapes their future. Their aim is to consistently lower costs and improve operational efficiencies to advance the availability and affordability of cures for patients across the world. Their aspiration hinges on creating a culture which can attract high-quality talent globally, develop them into passionate drug developers & creative problem solvers and empower them with a smart toolset. They are committed to their pursuit of excellence. The product list includes:

  • Xelpros™ (Latanoprost BAK Free)
  • Elepsia™ XR (Levetiracetam ER)
  • Taclantis™ (PICS)
  • Salmeterol-Fluticasone DPI
  • Baclofen GRS
  • PDP – 716 Glaucoma
  • SDN – 037 Ocular Pain & Inflammation
  • SCO – 088 CML
  • SDN – 021 Pain
  • SCD – 044 Autoimmune Disorders
  • SCC – 138 Parkinson’s Disease
  • SDN – 118 Depression
  • SDD – 098 Acne
  • SCO – 125 CML
  • SDE – 124 T2DM

Contact them – 907, Gokul Nagar, Makarpura GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390010

4. Bellan Pharmaceuticals

Bellan Pharmaceuticals established in the year 1996. The company is focused on the manufacturing and marketing of Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplements based on formulations. They have a dynamic field force of over 500 Representative across the country, who services the medical fraternity with scientific information about our products. Their distribution network across the country comprises of 1000+ distributors & wholesalers. The company is one of the leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara

Today we can proudly say that their strong team is touching approximately 1,00,000 retail outlets, which is the indicator of the company’s reach countrywide. They are constantly working on strict adherence to ethical practices of prescription marketing and strive upon only on quality at an affordable price, this vision has enabled us to feature their all major brands topping the therapy segment as per Pharmatrac, AWACS.  Their plant is running very successfully with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. The product list includes:

  • Aciden Syrup
  • Gauriton Syrup
  • Kumkumadi Oil
  • Rumallen Oil
  • Keshraj Hair Oil
  • Belalive Syrup
  • Rumallen Capsule
  • Beltex Capsule
  • Bonsil Capsule
  • Cias Capsule
  • Urotone Tablet
  • Aciden Tablet
  • Belalive Tablet
  • Belavit Tablet
  • Isolax Powder
  • Bcf Ointment

Contact them – Bellan Pharmaceuticals 438/4, G.I.D.C.,  Makarpura Vadodara Gujarat, India-390 010

5. Comed Chemicals Limited:

Comed Chemicals Limited established in the year 1986. Today Comed with its Corporate office located in the beautiful city of Baroda (Vadodara) has grown to be a very dynamic, multi-product, multi-locational and multi-divisional entity manufacturing and marketing a very wide and impressive range of medicinal dosage form for Human health care, from its WHO, USFDA standard plants, and Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules, a vital input for Pharma Industry.  All the plants comply with the latest mandatory requirements as set by Govt. of India and meet WHO, ISO norms.

The group operates its overseas offices in Kenya, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. It is busy extending its reach to the newer markets and continues to contribute towards better health care of the ailing masses. Its DSIR approved R&D laboratory is busy carrying out un-tiring and demanding research in NDDS and Biotechnology products. It regularly brings out innovative and latest formulations for the ever demanding and highly competitive pharmaceutical market. The product list includes:

  • Recartix-Plus Tab
  • Copar Tab
  • Copar Syrup
  • Acutap 50 Tab
  • Acutap-P Tab
  • Dolomed MR Tab
  • Lipcy-MR Gel
  • Lyser-D Tab
  • Lyser-Forte Tab
  • Copar 650 Tab
  • Medler Plus Suspension
  • Comtus Linctus
  • Sudex-AR Syrup
  • Comtus-DX
  • Medler Drops
  • Fegra 120 Tab
  • Fegra 180 Tab

Contact them – 2nd Floor, Sun Plaza-I, Nr. Vadsar Bridge, GIDC Road, Makarpura, Vadodara – 390 010.

6. Elysium Pharmaceuticals Ltd.:

Elysium Pharmaceuticals Ltd. established in the year 1996 with the set- up of a formulation unit at Dabhasa (17 km from Vadodara, Gujarat). Over a decade and a half, Elysium Pharmaceuticals Ltd. became one of the renowned manufacturers and contract manufacturers for most of the multi-national companies. Their aim is to maintain an excellent manufacturing facility & support for developing a various formulation for manufacturing them, which meet standards of cGMP and regulatory requirements.

Elysium Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading brand in India and in international markets for manufacturing the sterile (Liquid and Dry Parenteral) and non-sterile (Tablets, Capsules and Liquid Orals.) formulations. Adhering to the manufacturing standards and following the regulatory practices and requirements Elysium Pharmaceuticals has always delivered the qualitative products. The company is one of the Topmost Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara. Their Product list includes:

  • Acetaminophen 250mg, Aspirin 250mg & Caffeine 65mg Tablets
  • Acetaminophen 325mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg & Dextromethorphan HBr 15mg Tablets
  • Bisacodyl Tablets 5gm
  • Caffeine Tablets 200mg
  • Diphenhydramine HCl Tablets 25mg
  • Docusate Tablets 100mg
  • Domperidone with Omeprazole Magnesium Tablets
  • Guaifenesin Tablets 400mg
  • Adrenaline Inj 1ml
  • Analgin Injection 2ml/5ml Ampoule
  • Chloramphenicol Eye Drops 10ml
  • Chloroquine Phosphate Injection 2ml / 5ml Ampoules
  • Codeine Sulphate & Pipaverine HCl Injection 2ml / 10ml Ampoules
  • Dexamethasone Sodium Inj 1ml/2ml/10ml
  • Diclofenac Sodium Injection 3ml Ampoule
  • Fluoxetine HCl Capsules 20mg
  • Lansoprazole Capsules 30mg
  • Omeprazole Capsules 20mg
  • Albedndazole Oral Suspension 200mg/5ml
  • Azithromycin Oral Suspension 100mg/5ml
  • Cetirizine HCl Syrup 5mg/5ml
  • Cloxacillin Sodium Inj 250mg/500mg
  • Dicloxacillin Sodium Injection
  • Flucloxacillin Sodium Injection

Contact them – Post-Dhabhasa, Tal Padra, Dist Vadodara Gujarat 391440


These are the best List of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara. So go ahead and choose any of the listed Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Vadodara. For more details and information, you can also visit our official website. You can fill the contact form or directly call us. We always seek the opportunity to help our customers.

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