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Dutasteride Capsules Manufacturers

Dutasteride capsules are useful in the treatment of enlarged prostate symptoms.  It helps to reduce enlarged prostate size. Dutasteride provides relief in urinary issues like initiating the flow of urine, weak stream, and frequent or urgent urinate.

Process of using Dutasteride Tablets –

You can consume one tablet per day. Users can intake this medicine and swallow it. Do not chew or crush the tablet. Dutasteride capsules can be consumed with meals or with meals. However, you must consult your doctor before using this medicine.

Scheduled and precise use of Dutasteride capsules can provide positive results

Precautions –

  • The very first step is to consult professional health care to know about the usage and precaution of this medicine
  • Use this medicine with doctor’s prescriptions and observations
  • The user should regularly monitor his health status and body reaction to the medicine
  • In case you come across any side effects or abnormal reactions due to medicine must visit your doctor.
  • You should take extra precautions to use this medicine while pregnant. Dutasteride can harm the baby because it can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Dutasteride affects your body within 3-6 months. Therefore, complete the course of medicine as per the prescription
  • You should not donate blood if you are using this medicine and even after 6 months of the last consumed dose.
  • Your doctor should be aware of your medical health history

Possible Side effects –

Dutasteride might cause some possible side effects.

  • You might feel Impotence or low sexual desires and some other sexual problems
  • This medicine can harm the unborn baby if you are pregnant while consuming medicine
  • You might get some allergic reactions like Swelling, itching or rashes, ETC
  • Non prescribed use of the medicine might lead to Prostate cancer in some scenarios

Dosage –

You can consume one capsule per day for general health issues. However, the dosage of the medicine depends upon the patient’s age, the severity of the illness, medical history of the patient, and body reaction against medication.

Conclusion –

We tend to provide you with valid and currently available information. However, medicines react differently with many people in various health conditions. We suggest you consult your doctor for the proper use of medicine and better results.

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