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Amikacin Sulphate Injection Manufacturers – Amikacin is used for treating some serious infections caused by bacteria – blood infections; it also helps in meningitis (infection in membranes surrounding the brain or infection, stomach infection, lungs infection, skin infection, bones infection, joints infection, and urinary spinal cord).

How to Use –

This medicine can be injected into veins or muscles. However, doses should be considered by the doctor as per your medical condition, if body organs are working perfectly, body weight, and response to the medicine.

Precautions –

This medicine should be used under the prescription and consultancy of a doctor. You should learn all the instructions provided by a medical professional. Avoid using the product if particles of the product are visible or discolored. Store the medicine properly as per instructions and use it on time for best results. Do not discontinue until the prescribed time is over. If you intake overdose of the medicine, immediately consult your doctor.

Amikacin Sulphate is not safe while pregnant, however, doctors may prescribe it in case of a serious situation.

Possible Side effects –

  • There might be some possible side effects of Amikacin Sulfate Injection:-
  • Diarrhea, hearing deficiency, spinning sensation (vertigo), numbness, tingling in the skin, muscle twitching or convulsions, dizziness, ringing or roaring in the ears,
  • Amikacin may harm kidneys (If you have any history of kidney disease).
  • It may cause nerve damage as well (in case of overdose or irregular intake of medicine). It may affect your vision (may feel sleepy or dizzy)

Compositions –

Per 2 Mg of Vial contain 100 mg, each mL contains:

  • 50 mg Amikacin(as the sulfate),
  • 13% SodiumMetabisulfite,
  • 5% Sodium Citrate Dihydrate,
  • Water for Injections,
  • Air replaced with Nitrogen.
  • pH 3.5-5.5 present in 500 mg per 2 ml
  • the 1 gram per 4 mL vial,
  • 66% Sodium Metabisulfite,
  • 5% Sodium Citrate Dihydrate,
  • Water for Injection qs,
  • Air replaced with Nitrogen. pH is adjusted with Sulfuric Acid and/or if necessary Sodium Hydroxide. pH 3.5-5.5.


Amikacin  Sulphate is short term solution for infection caused by bacteria. These injections are used in generic form. For better results, use this medicine with Dr.’s prescription and suggested schedule. Immediately consult your doctor if facing any kind of side effects.

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