How to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India

How to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India – Third party manufacturing in pharma business that explains the process of construction of Pharma products for the third party under the brand name or label of a pharmaceutical company. The concept has become popular in recent times. To understand how to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India, here below we have given step-by-step information.

How to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India

Many companies in the present time are adopting third party strategy to increase their business. Even, pharma companies having their own manufacturing plants are gotten manufactured their pharma products from other manufacturers. Multinational companies are also preferring this concept to manufacture their products. It comes with lots of benefits. The process of establishing a third-party manufacturing company begins with raising quotations.

It should include all the costs, i.e., cost of packaging material, product cost, security costs and all other charges required to Set Up A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant In India

Various steps to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India

With the following ways, you can easily Set Up A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant In India. This strategy provided below is an easy solution for manufacturing pharmaceutical products of your own brands.

1. Choose Company Name and Unique Brand Name:

The name of your company is the first step in your list. One should have Satisfy Business Identity Need.e.g. in the pharmaceutical market, it may end or start with bio, pharma, cure, healthcare, life sciences, lab, laboratories, etc words. It should be unique.

2. List out the medicines to be manufacture:

Write down your desired Pharma products list which you wish to be manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. Make a list of potential manufacturers, you can find their details through online research, referral, etc. Now send them an email or call them to request their quotation which should include Product Cost, securities, the minimum quantity of delivery schedule, etc.

Make your budget list first. Before you proceed further, it is crucial to decide the financials. Is the price of the product chosen by you fit into the limit? If you are going to make multiple products, then the budget allocation has to be accurate. You need to decide the maximum limits with some margin for contingencies.

3. Apply for various Licences needed to open a Pharmaceutical company

Firstly registered your company. There are many ways of doing this process. For this, you need some documents such as The drug license number is necessary, Goods and Service Tax Number is required for sale tax purposes and Trade Mark registration is necessary for safeguard your intellectual property.

The second step is to Apply For Wholesale Drug License. It is done by submitting the application form in the Licensing Authority office. They will ask for the basic documents such as a copy of your address proof, Affidavit of EP/Pharmacist, Academic qualification certificate photocopy of EP/Pharmacist, etc. with the normal fees of Rs 3000.

The last step is to apply for GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number) Registration. They will also ask for the basic documents such as Digital Signature Certificate (Class II), Sales Tax Identification Number Copy, Aadhaar Card, PAN, and Image, etc

4. Choose the pharmaceutical manufacturer to which you want to get manufacture your product.

This is a crucial step in attaining success in this field. You should choose the Pharma manufacturers by searching for each and every detail of that company. Your success depends on the product you choose to manufactures. Keep in mind about the company status, Quality of product they manufactures, Capability of the Manufacturing company that manufacture your products, Geographic Location, etc.

Contact the Pharma companies and have a proper meeting to see how much interest they take in manufacturing your product. Check the quality department of the manufacturing company and then finally take your decision.

5. Finalize and Place your Order Quantity and Product Composition to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India

Now, finalize the order quantity of the selected product and write down your desired product composition. After finalizing product composition and order quantities, you should place a purchase order to the selected third-party manufacturer. You should also request the manufacturer to confirm your products. After confirmation, the partial advance amount should be deposit to initiate the process.

6. Product Delivery and Final Binding:

After the products are manufactured, you will receive a quotation from the manufacturer mentioning the details of the product and the remaining amount which has to be deposited. You should check the various things like Your Brand Name on carton & foil, Packing details, Composition, Manufacturing details, Design & Color combination, Marketed By company name, logo & address on carton & foil etc after getting the manufactured product.


I have provided the best information regarding the How to Start the Pharma Manufacturing Unit in India. Now you can read the blog and start your own third party manufacturing company. For more details contact by writing us or filling our given contact form.

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